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The "Prayers Of The Saints" is a collection of beautiful hymns that have bolstered the Faith of people throughout the last few senturies and continues to do so. Many of the songs have been contributed to by the Worship Republic as well as Andy Needham and Brenton Brown. 


The blend of vocals between Hannah Oliver and Daniel Ornellas, combined with strings and acoustic instrumentation  weaves together a gentle tapestry of textures that are great for reflective listening and devotional times.

Every revival throughout history has been accompanied by songs that have been birthed out of those exciting times. It's not surprising that these hymns carry such weight and continue to resonate througout generations.


In recording these incredible prayers of the saints, we have done our best to remain true to the spirit and integrity of the original flow of each hymn.


We have chosen instrumentation that would give this collection a timeless quality in hope that it would be used personal time of reflection and devotion.

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